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Are Therapy Now therapists professionally qualified?

Yes. All the psychologists at Therapy Now have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, recognised under Dutch law. 

Do you work with insurance companies?
As a private practice we are considered to be an out-of-network provider. We have chosen not to negotiate contracts with healthcare insurers. We are therefore under no obligation to share information regarding treatment with insurers. 

You are responsible for paying the costs of your therapy. However, it may be possible to be reimbursed for some or all of your costs, dependent on your policy and insurer. We recommend that you talk to your healthcare insurer before starting therapy about possible reimbursement. 

The information in our invoices is usually sufficient to substantiate your claim. Your therapist can provide extra documentation if your healthcare insurer requires it. 

Are your services confidential?
Yes, absolutely. We work according to the ethical code established by the Dutch Institute for Psychologists (NIP). All information shared with your therapist is confidential. Your therapist can only share information with third parties with your prior written permission. The only exception to this is if your therapist believes that you or someone else is in imminent danger. In this unlikely situation your therapist has a legal obligation to inform the authorities (e.g. your GP, police, crisis intervention team) who can then take appropriate steps. 

The ethical code in English can be read here.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP / family doctor?

Some insurance companies may require a referral letter from your GP for reimbursement purposes.  

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Unfortunate things can happen, so please inform your therapist as soon as possible if you cannot make an appointment. We do our best to look for alternative solutions. You will be liable to pay for  any therapy session which you cancel less then 24 hours in advance or which you do not attend. 

Is there a waiting list?

We aim to keep our waiting time to a minimum. Waiting times for each individual therapist is posted on their page on this website.  In your initial phone conversation the therapist will also talk through the waiting time for therapy with you.

What information about the treatment do you have on file?

The only information retained in your file is the information considered necessary by your therapist to help you to meet your specific goal regarding your mental health and to provide therapy of the highest quality. This information is only used for these therapeutic purposes, is kept securely and is not disclosed to anyone else without your prior written consent. 

Information is stored in a secure online environment (electronic patient dossier) which can only be accessed by your therapist. 

As required by Dutch law, the information will be retained in your file for 20 years. Your therapist is legally permitted to, and will, destroy your file earlier if you request this in writing.

You can request to see your file and, for a small cost (€25), receive a copy of your file. 

What do I do if I am not satisfied with my treatment?

Every therapist at Therapy Now is fully committed to providing high quality therapy and works hard to create an atmosphere in which any problems that arise in the course of therapy can be discussed freely and constructively.

If there is a problem your therapist will gladly discuss it with you and work towards a mutually agreeable solution.

The law (Wkkgz – Wet kwaliteit, klachten en geschillen zorg) states that discussing your complaint with your therapist is the first step to take. However, if you and your therapist are unable to resolve the problem, you can take your complaint to the NFG. You can find  more information about this process on the website of the NFG (Niet tevreden over je hulpverlener? NFG (

Or on the website of the LVVP Klachtenregeling volwassenen

Professional Insurance

Each individual therapist has arranged their own professional insurance. Upon request your therapist will tell you which company they are insured by. 


Each therapist with Therapy Now is an independent contractor and is responsible for his or her own practice. No therapist is responsible for the actions or omissions of any other therapist. Your legal relationship is with your own therapist, not with Therapy Now or any therapist other than the one treating you.

Your therapist is a highly trained and experienced psychologist who will use all their professional skill and judgment to help you achieve your treatment goals.  However, it is impossible to guarantee the success of any therapeutic process. If at any time your therapist feels the therapy is not working effectively, they will discuss this with you.

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